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Form Input Labels
Using the label element with your form input elements rather than just placing text next to them is a good idea that makes your web site more accessible. More ...

15 Easy Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business
When I decided to start my business, I tried hard to find a good startup guide. I couldn't find anything that had all the steps clearly listed without a lot of confusing fluff and filler. More ...

Methods to Combat Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
DDOS attacks are costly in terms of lost revenue and added costs. DDoS attack protection plays a fundamental role in keeping businesses online. Here are some strategies that can be used to protect against a DDoS attack. More ...

Network Cabling Do's and Don'ts
Installing network cabling yourself can definitely be cost effective. Here are some tips for both network cabling professionals and do-it-yourselfers. More ...

Building the Backbone Network
The backbone is a network, the function of which is to connect the LANs together. There are no workstations connected directly to the backbone. In some cases, you might connect servers to it, but most backbones carry nothing but internetwork traffic. More ...

Steps For Designing a Crisis Management Plan
There are six steps for defining a crisis management plan that can be easily remembered using the word CRISIS. Use the steps of CRISIS to be ready to deal with emergencies that your organization might face. More ...

How to Tell if Someone is Lurking on Your Wireless Network
Have you ever wondered if someone else is on your wireless network, with out your knowledge, watching every site you visit or stealing account information? More ...

How to Fix Winload Errors
winload.exe is a small file (Windows loader) started by BOOTMGR. Usually winload is not missing but instead something has currupted BOOTMGR. You can fix this by booting from a Windows installation disc and selecting the repair option. More ...

Understanding Windows 7 Security Center
Windows Security Center is a security tool that allows you to monitor the status of computer security settings and services. It also constantly monitors security settings, and informs via a pop-up notification if there is something wrong. In Windows 7 Microsoft renamed it as Action Center. More ...

Starting Your Home Based Tutoring Business
The idea of starting your own tutoring business seems like more of a good idea than ever. This article provides some ideas about places you can market your tutoring business. More ...

Test Your Webpage's Load Speed
Most mobile web users will wait only 6-10 seconds before they abandon a webpage. Fortunately there are several free websites that will not only measure the load time of your webpage, but also analyze it and recommend improvements. More ...

How to Use the Open Source Intrusion Detection System SNORT
In terms of raw power and features, SNORT, the most commonly used Open Source Intrusion Detection System, (IDS) has begun to eclipse many expensive proprietary IDSes. In terms of documentation or ease of use, however, SNORT can seem overwhelming. More ...

How to Craft a Successful Crowdfunding Pitch
Crowdfunding is a unique way to raise funds for your projects, very different from seeking financing through traditional methods. Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Crowdfunder allow you to receive donations or investments from the online community. More ...

How To Fix The Windows 1301 Error
The Windows 1301 error is caused by your PC not being able to access the files or settings required for it to perform an installation. More ...

Tips and Tricks to Optimize a Website's Speed
An online shopper expects a website to load in four seconds. Websites are becoming complex and bigger with each passing day. This is leading to slower loading of websites and ultimately, decreased sales conversions. More ...

How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7
Windows firewall helps keep your PC protected from unauthorized access, however, in order to install certain programs you may need to disable Windows firewall. More ...

ISP Multihoming Explained
Multihoming is essentially a method whereby a company can connect to more than one ISP at the same time. The concept was born out of the need to protect Internet access in the event of either an ISP link failure or an ISP internal failure. More ...

Domain Name System (DNS) Vulnerabilities
The original design of the DNS did not include robust security features. DNS vulnerabilities open networks to various types of attacks, cache poisoning and DDoS attacks being the most common. More ...

Learn to Write - Editing Your Children's Book
It is certainly exciting when a book is finished. However, you aren't done yet! The most important part of the writing process is still to be done; that's editing. More ...

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