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Microprocessor Counter, Clock, Timer Circuits
All the circuitry in the microprocessor, in fact all the circuitry on the motherboard require a clock signal for operation. The clock signal is the heartbeat of the system. Without a clock signal, the microprocessor and the computer are dead. More ...

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless technology designed for short range data communications Two or more Bluetooth devices establish a connection and form a small network known as a Piconet. More ...

Turning Names (URLs) Into IP Addresses
People have trouble remembering long strings of numbers, so the people who invented the Internet decided to use human-readable names to identify locations. These are known as URIs,, URLs, and URNs. More ...

Session Border Controllers - More Than Just a Voice Firewall
The migration from Time-Division Multiplexing to the more flexible IP based SIP networks brought an unexpected security challenge. Session Border Controllers focused primarily on SIP and H.323 session security. More ...

How to Craft a Successful Crowdfunding Pitch
Crowdfunding is a unique way to raise funds for your projects, very different from seeking financing through traditional methods. Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Crowdfunder allow you to receive donations or investments from the online community. More ...

Top Tips for Web Design
You need to consider the consequences of your design decisions and how it will effect the users of your site. The following tips should help you have a positive effect on your site and its users. More ...

The New Sharing Economy
Entrepreneurs are happy to serve this growing market. From apartment rentals to couch surfing, bikes or cars, vacation rentals, tools or art, there seems to be a sharing service for pretty much anything you can think of. More ...

Dealing With Stress at Work
You can't totally avoid stress. Stress is a normal part of life and work, but too much stress can actually cause health problems. Here's how to deal with too much stress at work. More ...

Test Your Webpage's Load Speed
Most mobile web users will wait only 6-10 seconds before they abandon a webpage. Fortunately there are several free websites that will not only measure the load time of your webpage, but also analyze it and recommend improvements. More ...

How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7
Windows firewall helps keep your PC protected from unauthorized access, however, in order to install certain programs you may need to disable Windows firewall. More ...

Tips for Managing a Difficult Employee
If you manage people long enough, you will sooner or later find yourself dealing with a difficult employee. There is no easy fix. Each situation is as unique. Yet there are some basic steps that you can take to deal with the situation. More ...

Tips and Tricks to Optimize a Website's Speed
An online shopper expects a website to load in four seconds. Websites are becoming complex and bigger with each passing day. This is leading to slower loading of websites and ultimately, decreased sales conversions. More ...

How to Map a Network Folder in Windows 7
If you regularly access files stored on a network share, you can make that folder easier to navigate to by maping it to a letter so that it appears in Windows Explorer on your computer. More ...

How to Compose Music
You should decide which style of music, or genre, you want to compose. Some of the different styles are blues, jazz, country, pop, rock, and classical. Each different style of music tends to use common rhythms and beats, and each tends to use specific instruments. More ...

Internet Access Methods for Your SME
Most people access the Internet using a DSL connection using the telephone network. More subscribers are beginning to use co-ax or optical fiber cable connections, and, increasingly, 3G mobile connections. More ...

SME Network Internet IP Addressing Strategies
Every device that needs to communicate with the Internet needs a unique IP address. There are two different, and functionally incompatible, IP addressing schemes: IPv4 and IPv6. More ...

Linux Server Hardening
For today's computing platforms, ease of access and openness is essential for web based communications. This is at odds with the increased necessity for comprehensive security measures in a world full of malware and hacking threats. More ...

NTFS Permissions
NTFS Permissions is a file system feature that lets you set specify which files on your system can be accessed by which specific users, and what kind of access they have to each file. More ...

Are You Meeting ISO 27000 Standards for Information Security Management?
The ISO 27000 standard developed by The (IEC) and (ISO) is an internationally accepted industry standard for Information Security Management (ISM). More ...

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Dell Venue 8 Tablet

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