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Victims of Sandy Hook

Stop the Slaughter of Innocents. Congress is bought and paid for by gun lunatics and gun promotion groups. If you want to live in a safe America, help buy Congress back for America. Send a donation to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022

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How to Start a Food Truck
Anyone can start a successfull food truck business. You can start out with a hotdog cart, learn the business, make anywhere from $40k to $100k a year. There is no secret or specific skill required. More ...

Where To Find Free Stock Photography, Clip Art, And Other Graphics For Your Web Site
This article provides four resources where you can find free stock photography, clip art, and other graphics for your web site. More ...

How to Setup a Netgear Wireless Router Without Installation Disc
Do you need to setup your Netgear wireless router but don't have the installation disc? This article shows you how to manually setup your Netgear wireless router without any trouble. More ...

How to Write Your Author BIO
A book without an author's BIO is missing a critical component. But some authors find it difficult to write their BIO. Follow the steps listed above to make the process much easier. More ...

Debugging JavaScript : Coercions
JavaScript is not a tightly typed language. Sometimes this comes in handy, but other times it can cause problems. More ...

Are You Meeting ISO 27000 Standards for Information Security Management?
The ISO 27000 standard developed by The (IEC) and (ISO) is an internationally accepted industry standard for Information Security Management (ISM). More ...

Easy Code to Add Bing Site Search to Your Website
There are several ways you can add site search to your website. This artilce provides the code for Bing site search, just paste this code into the desired location on your website. More ...

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive
A bootable USB flash drive allows you to diagnose hardware issues and can be used to install Windows on your PC. However you first need to create a bootable USB flash drive. More ...

How to Block Unwanted Websites with Your Netgear Router
Kids use the computer to play video games or search Google for their science projects. Being a parent you might be worried about what your children can watch online behind your back. More ...

How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7
Windows firewall helps keep your PC protected from unauthorized access, however, in order to install certain programs you may need to disable Windows firewall. More ...

Use border-radius Property to Give Your Boxes Rounded Corners
Previous to CSS3 it was difficult to create a webpage element with round corners. However, now the CSS3 border-radius property allows us to make round corners with ease. More ...

The New Sharing Economy
Entrepreneurs are happy to serve this growing market. From apartment rentals to couch surfing, bikes or cars, vacation rentals, tools or art, there seems to be a sharing service for pretty much anything you can think of. More ...

Computer Video Display
If you view a computer as an input-processing-output machine, you can use a keyboard or removable storage device as the input, a program as the processing, but what can you use to retrieve the output? One way to acquire the output, be it text or graphics, is with a video display. More ...

Building the Backbone Network
The backbone is a network, the function of which is to connect the LANs together. There are no workstations connected directly to the backbone. In some cases, you might connect servers to it, but most backbones carry nothing but internetwork traffic. More ...

IPv6 Address Format
IPv4 is running out of addresses. IPv6 was designed to solve this problem therefore it is important to understand the format of an IPv6 address. More ...

How to Map a Network Folder in Windows 7
If you regularly access files stored on a network share, you can make that folder easier to navigate to by maping it to a letter so that it appears in Windows Explorer on your computer. More ...

A Brief Introduction to HTML for JavaScript Programmers
Although JavaScript is a neat programming language, the basic foundation of the web is HTML. JavaScript gives you the ability to control and modify the HTML. More ...

50 Legitimate Work From Home Businesses You Can Start Easily
Starting a business from home can be a bit confusing given all the different possible business ventures available. There are a lot of ideas for business from home nowadays. Here are 50 legitimate work from home ideas. More ...

Online Marketing for Small Business
If you have a web business, you'll need to do some online marketing. Competition on the internet is vigorous, if you don't do some online marketing your site will simply sit and gather dust. More ...

Charity Watch

Making a charitable contribution to a nonprofit organization to help the unfortunate and needy is a very generous thing to do. But how much of your hard-earned money actually goes to the needy, and how much is used to provide the organization's executives with a lavish lifestyles? It's very foolish to sacrifice your hard earned money to pay for some executive's luxury cars and mansions. Don't donate to an organization who's executive compensation is hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars more than you earn. Charity Watch exposes nonprofit abuses and advocates for your interests as a donor.

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