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Victims of Sandy Hook

Stop the Slaughter of Innocents. Congress is bought and paid for by gun lunatics and gun promotion groups. If you want to live in a safe America, help buy Congress back for America. Send a donation to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022

30 Questions Related to Classes of Addresses
30 questions related to Part 1.3 of the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam - Classes of addresses. Even though address classes has been abandoned for more flexible classless addressing, it's still covered in the exam, and understanding address classes is a good introduction to classless addressing and subnetting. More ...

Adding Space Around an Image
With the html hspace and vspace attributes you can control the space around an image. Although these attributes were deprecated in HTML 4.01, they still work in all modern browsers. More ...

What Are Private IP Addresses?
Normally you have to be assigned an IP address, or a group of IP addresses by a Regional Internet Registry. However, if you just need IP addresses for an internal network that will not be routed to the Internet, you can select from blocks of IP addresses reserved as Private IP addresses. More ...

Creating a Secure Website Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
When setting up a website that will require payment through credit card it is important to have a minimum level of security. One protocol that has effectively become the de facto standard for website security is Secure Socket Layer (or SSL). More ...

21 Realistic Part-Time Income Opportunities
Looking for a way to make money? Earn money without disrupting your current lifestyle. You can start making money with easy work that fits around your schedule. This book will provide you with 21 realistic part-time income opportunities. More ...

Networking and Internet Standards Organizations
Without standards, the Internet would be chaos. The primary organization that sets communications standards for the Internet is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). More ...

Search and Replace Strings
To search a string for a substring and replace the substring use the .substring method to find the substring and break up the string, and use the concatenation operator to reconstruct the string with the replacement substring. More ...

Online Receipt Maker
Need make a quick receipt but don't have your receipt book or computer receipt maker handy. This easy to use online receipt maker is for you. More ...

What is The Long Tail?
The Long Tail is a popular phrase nowadays, but what does it mean? In this article I'm going to discus the long tail as it relates to choosing a product to market, such as a book, or for choosing topic for a blog. More ...

Classless IP Addressing
In the beginning, classful addressing was a great idea for keeping IP addresses organized. But as the Internet grew, and IP addresses became scarce, classful addressing was found to be too limiting. Classless IP addressing, known as Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) was released in September 1993. More ...

A Beginner's Guide to Making Money With a Blog
Many are enjoying good income by blogging. You may ask how they are doing it. The first order of business is to find a niche to write about. More ...

How to Start a Blog on Blogger.com
One of the easiest ways to start making money online is to start your own blog. You can start a blog on Google's free blogger.com blogging platform, and then monetize your blog with affiliate program links. More ...

Nine Tips for Writing Children's Stories
How would you like to make some money from an idea you dreamed up in five minutes at bedtime? Not only can it be profitable, it can be a lot of fun too. Hardly like work at all! More ...

What is Cloud Computing?
You can't be sure where a specific Internet device is, it's just out there in the cloud of devices that is the Internet. An individual connected to the Internet can use an application that's in the cloud. An organization can place their data in the cloud. More ...

Comparison of the Layers of the OSI and TCP/IP Models
The TCP/IP protocol suite was developed by DARPA in the early 1970s. The OSI networking model was developed in Europe in 1986. This article compares the two networking standards. More ...

Play Music on Your HTML5 Web Page
In this article you learn how to play and control music on your webpage including adding a play list and custom controller. More ...

Computer Number Systems Made Simple
Humans use a decimal based number system. The decimal numbering system uses the ten characters 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 to represent numbers. The binary system used by computers has only two characters; 0 and 1. More ...

Start Your Own Business Mind Map
This mind map gives you an overview of the different business models you can use to start a business online or offline. Use the mind map to choose a general business category. More ...

How to Strengthen Website Authentication
To achieve strong authentication on the Web, IT professionals must find a balance among three separate forces whose goals are often at odds: the cost and security needs of the company, the impact on user behavior, and the motivations of the would-be attacker. More ...

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