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Debugging JavaScript : Coercions
JavaScript is not a tightly typed language. Sometimes this comes in handy, but other times it can cause problems. More ...

MPO Connector, MTP Connector, What's the Difference?
MPO stands for Multi-fibre Push On and is a fiber optic connector type. MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec. The MTP design complies with the MPO standard. More ...

A microcontroller is an IC that contains a microprocessor as well as RAM, ROM and general I/O ports. Engineers design microcontrollers into specific-purpose devices such as microwave ovens, cars, washing machines, refridgerators, and even space probes. More ...

Linux Server Hardening
For today's computing platforms, ease of access and openness is essential for web based communications. This is at odds with the increased necessity for comprehensive security measures in a world full of malware and hacking threats. More ...

How to Get More Reviews for Your Kindle eBook
One of the most important thing contributing to sales of a Kindle eBook is reviews. If an eBook has a large number of reviews, even if some of the reviews are bad, people assume the eBook is worth reading. More ...

How to Tell if Someone is Lurking on Your Wireless Network
Have you ever wondered if someone else is on your wireless network, with out your knowledge, watching every site you visit or stealing account information? More ...

Whereas a div is a block element which defines a vertical section of a webpage or parent element, a span is an in-line element that is rendered during the line-by-line parsing of the html code for the webpage. Without styles a span provides no visible change. More ...

Are You Meeting ISO 27000 Standards for Information Security Management?
The ISO 27000 standard developed by The (IEC) and (ISO) is an internationally accepted industry standard for Information Security Management (ISM). More ...

How to Share a Folder in Windows 7
One of the main advantages of a network is the ability to share files. This article shows you how to configure Windows 7 to share files and folders on a network. More ...

Ten Reasons Why a Facebook Page is Not a Replacement for a Professional Business Website
Here are ten reasons why putting together a Facebook page as your sole means of having an online presence will not serve your best long-term goals for success. More ...

Comparing Different Cloud Architecture Types
Most people are familiar with the concept of a cloud-based data center that rents out computing power to businesses. There are, however, a number of possible cloud types that may be the right choice for a company. More ...

How to Block Unwanted Websites with Your Netgear Router
Kids use the computer to play video games or search Google for their science projects. Being a parent you might be worried about what your children can watch online behind your back. More ...

How to Start a Food Truck
Anyone can start a successfull food truck business. You can start out with a hotdog cart, learn the business, make anywhere from $40k to $100k a year. There is no secret or specific skill required. More ...

How to Setup a Netgear Wireless Router Without Installation Disc
Do you need to setup your Netgear wireless router but don't have the installation disc? This article shows you how to manually setup your Netgear wireless router without any trouble. More ...

Easy Code to Add Bing Site Search to Your Website
There are several ways you can add site search to your website. This artilce provides the code for Bing site search, just paste this code into the desired location on your website. More ...

Network Cabling Do's and Don'ts
Installing network cabling yourself can definitely be cost effective. Here are some tips for both network cabling professionals and do-it-yourselfers. More ...

An Introduction to the Types of VPNs
There are three types of VPNs that provide users with the functionality described above and these fall within the two categories: computer-to-network VPNs and network-to-network VPNs. More ...

What You Need to Know to Become an Information Security Analyst
Information security analysts analyze threats and vulnerabilities that are associated with computer networks. Salaries for information security specialists range from $89,000.00 to more than $121,000.00. More ...

How to Compose Music
You should decide which style of music, or genre, you want to compose. Some of the different styles are blues, jazz, country, pop, rock, and classical. Each different style of music tends to use common rhythms and beats, and each tends to use specific instruments. More ...

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