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Virtual Memory and Memory Paging
In the early days of computers, memory chips were small capacity, scarce, and expensive. Because of this a memory management scheme called paging was invented. More ...

Microprocessor Counter, Clock, Timer Circuits
All the circuitry in the microprocessor, in fact all the circuitry on the motherboard require a clock signal for operation. The clock signal is the heartbeat of the system. Without a clock signal, the microprocessor and the computer are dead. More ...

How to Use the VIM Text Editor in Linux
In 1988, an improved version of Vi, called vim (vi iMproved), was released. This article provides some examples that illustrate some basic operations with text as well as its extra features that make vim unique and useful. More ...

How to Start a Food Truck
Anyone can start a successfull food truck business. You can start out with a hotdog cart, learn the business, make anywhere from $40k to $100k a year. There is no secret or specific skill required. More ...

How Computer Memory Works
Every program being executed and every piece of data being manipulated must be copied from a storage device, such as a magnetic disk, into main memory. It's important to understand the basic types of memory. More ...

Session Border Controllers - More Than Just a Voice Firewall
The migration from Time-Division Multiplexing to the more flexible IP based SIP networks brought an unexpected security challenge. Session Border Controllers focused primarily on SIP and H.323 session security. More ...

Definition: Cloud Computing
We keep hearing the term Cloud Computing, but what is it? Cloud Computing is a network of shared resources anywhere in the World that can be quickly provisioned in response to customer demand. More ...

Hot Online Opportunities That Make Money
There seems to be no end to the number of hot online opportunities that make money on the Internet. Here is a sampling of some of these hot online opportunities that make money. More ...

IPv6 Address Format
IPv4 is running out of addresses. IPv6 was designed to solve this problem therefore it is important to understand the format of an IPv6 address. More ...

Network Cabling Do's and Don'ts
Installing network cabling yourself can definitely be cost effective. Here are some tips for both network cabling professionals and do-it-yourselfers. More ...

Dealing With Stress at Work
You can't totally avoid stress. Stress is a normal part of life and work, but too much stress can actually cause health problems. Here's how to deal with too much stress at work. More ...

Eight Tips for the Newbie Web Designer
This article is targeted at designers just entering the field. These suggestions shine light on some potential problems a new designer might not think of. More ...

Configuring DHCP for Your SME Network
DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) is a network service that allows a device that is attached to the network to be allocated an IP address automatically. More ...

Top Tips for Web Design
You need to consider the consequences of your design decisions and how it will effect the users of your site. The following tips should help you have a positive effect on your site and its users. More ...

How to Block Unwanted Websites with Your Netgear Router
Kids use the computer to play video games or search Google for their science projects. Being a parent you might be worried about what your children can watch online behind your back. More ...

Legal and Tax Considerations of Setting up Your Own Business
Setting up your own business is not that difficult and it is really not necessary to pay someone to do it for you. This article discuses the legal and tax considerations of starting your own business. More ...

Detecting Network Sniffers
A packet sniffer is a program or device that eavesdrops on network traffic and gathers data from packets. Malicious intruders may install packet sniffers in order to retrieve usernames and passwords. More ...

IP version 6 (IPv6) Advantages and Implementation
The Internet has, to all intents and purposes, run out of public IP version 4 addresses. The solution to this issue is new IP version 6. This would require a parallel IPv6 based Internet to be running until all IPv4 connections have been converted. More ...

Design a Network Security Policy
A security policy is a statement of what your systems' users are and are not allowed to do. Make sure that the policy is consistent and clearly-written. More ...

Charity Watch

Making a charitable contribution to a nonprofit organization to help the unfortunate and needy is a very generous thing to do. But how much of your hard-earned money actually goes to the needy, and how much is used to provide the organization's executives with a lavish lifestyles? It's very foolish to sacrifice your hard earned money to pay for some executive's luxury cars and mansions. Don't donate to an organization who's executive compensation is hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars more than you earn. Charity Watch exposes nonprofit abuses and advocates for your interests as a donor.

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