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How to Fix RpcRtRemote.dll Errors
RpcRtRemote.dll initializes Windows update components. So, why are people having problems with this file if it serves a very simple purpose? If the computer couldn't access it, it'd be impossible to complete the installation of update packages. More ...

Network Topology Diagram
An IT manager must know the network topology and should always have it in front of his eyes. Here, we review the process of the network topology discovery and network diagram creation using the specialized software. More ...

How to Fix msvcrt40.dll Error
msvcrt40.dll is a Dynamic link library which is part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library that was placed on your system by software you installed. There are numerous things that can cause a msvcrt40 dll error. More ...

Binary Number Representation and Binary Math
Computers perform all of their amazing work with only two voltage levels, one representing binary 0, the other representing binary 1. This article describes how to perform binary addition and subtraction. More ...

SME Network Internet IP Addressing Strategies
Every device that needs to communicate with the Internet needs a unique IP address. There are two different, and functionally incompatible, IP addressing schemes: IPv4 and IPv6. More ...

Letting Your SME Users Access the Internet
The Web is a data service that allows users to access and display information contained on devices elsewhere in the world. The Web is also one of the greatest sources of malware. More ...

How to Connect a Wireless Router
You will be required to configure the SSID of the wireless router. Your router will have a default SSID, but you should change it to a name that you remember. More ...

How to Use the VIM Text Editor in Linux
In 1988, an improved version of Vi, called vim (vi iMproved), was released. This article provides some examples that illustrate some basic operations with text as well as its extra features that make vim unique and useful. More ...

How to Configure a Cisco Router
Use a terminal emulation program to access the routers console. The router and it will show the boot up screen in the console window. You may use this set up mode to configure the router. More ...

How to Start a Blog on Blogger.com
One of the easiest ways to start making money online is to start your own blog. You can start a blog on Google's free blogger.com blogging platform, and then monetize your blog with affiliate program links. More ...

What is The Long Tail?
The Long Tail is a popular phrase nowadays, but what does it mean? In this article I'm going to discus the long tail as it relates to choosing a product to market, such as a book, or for choosing topic for a blog. More ...

Basic Decoder Circuitry
A microprocessors is a circuit that reads and execute program instructions called opcodes. A decoder is a circuit that converts an opcode into signals tused to control the circuitry of the microprocessor to enable it to perform the instruction. More ...

What Are WEP, WPA, TKIP, AES and PSK?
The acronyms WEP, WPA, TKIP, AES and PSK are all rlated to encryption used in wireless networking. This article explains their meaning in simple terms. More ...

TCP Windowing
It would be inefficient to return an ACK message as each segment is received. The number of segments received before an ACK message is returned is called the TCP receive window size. More ...

How to Fix Winload Errors
winload.exe is a small file (Windows loader) started by BOOTMGR. Usually winload is not missing but instead something has currupted BOOTMGR. You can fix this by booting from a Windows installation disc and selecting the repair option. More ...

Fiverr Money Making Tips
Anyone can make money from Fiverr gigs. Though, some people find it difficult to actually keep making money, to help out, here are tips from Fiverr experts. More ...

Turning Names (URLs) Into IP Addresses
People have trouble remembering long strings of numbers, so the people who invented the Internet decided to use human-readable names to identify locations. These are known as URIs,, URLs, and URNs. More ...

Cartooning is a Great Career
"If you're into cartoon drawing but never thought it to be anything more than just a pastime, by just being a bit more serious, you can have a career that's a lot of fun as a highly paid cartoonist. More ...

Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast. What Does It Mean?
Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast are different network transmission methods. Unicast is a transmission between a single sender and a single receiver, while Broadcast is a transmission from a single sender to all clients on the network. More ...

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