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Using the HSL Color Specification
The CSS hsla method gives artists familiar with the HSL (hue, saturation, lightness, alpha) color specification a way to design color with CSS. More ...

How Snort's Stealth TCP Port Scanning Works
Snort is an open source network intrusion detection system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks. It can perform protocol analysis, content searching and matching, and can be used to detect a variety of attacks and probes. More ...

Form Input Labels
Using the label element with your form input elements rather than just placing text next to them is a good idea that makes your web site more accessible. More ...

How to Resolve Windows 7 BOOTMGR Missing Error
BOOTMGR is missing error occurs when Windows is corrupted Windows or it is trying to boot from a wrongly configured or improperly connected hard drive. More ...

How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7
Windows firewall helps keep your PC protected from unauthorized access, however, in order to install certain programs you may need to disable Windows firewall. More ...

Introduction to Boolean Algebra
Boolean algebra is a system of mathematics in which the values of the variables can take on only one of two values, either 0 or 1. Similar to regular algebra, Boolean algebra can be used to simplify a mathematical expression. Since computer logic is also a system in which the values of the inputs and outputs can take on only one of two values, Boolean algebra can be used to simplify logic circuits. More ...

JavaScript Code for Binary to Decimal - Decimal to Binary Conversion
To convert a binary number to decimal add together the decimal weight of all positions that contain a 1. To convert a decimal number to binary place a 1 in all positions where you can subtract the weight of the binary position. More ...

AMD's Microarchitectures
A microarchitecture describes the physical features, functions, and the technology level of the processes used to manufacture the core of a microprocessor. This article describes the microarchitectures used by AMD. More ...

How to Write Your Author BIO
A book without an author's BIO is missing a critical component. But some authors find it difficult to write their BIO. Follow the steps listed above to make the process much easier. More ...

Configure Windows 10 to Search Windows Only
Unfortunately, by default Windows 10 taskbar Search is configured to "Search the Web and Windows", which first connects to Microsoft's bing search engine and searches Microsoft's Windows Store. More ...

How to Share a Folder in Windows 7
One of the main advantages of a network is the ability to share files. This article shows you how to configure Windows 7 to share files and folders on a network. More ...

How To Start A Home Based Referral Service Business
If you're looking for a profitable home based business, then starting a referral service is a great option! Referral services can be operated on a part-time or full time basis, they don't require a lot of start-up capital or overhead. More ...

Easy Code to Add Bing Site Search to Your Website
There are several ways you can add site search to your website. This artilce provides the code for Bing site search, just paste this code into the desired location on your website. More ...

How to Use the Open Source Intrusion Detection System SNORT
In terms of raw power and features, SNORT, the most commonly used Open Source Intrusion Detection System, (IDS) has begun to eclipse many expensive proprietary IDSes. In terms of documentation or ease of use, however, SNORT can seem overwhelming. More ...

Network Schematic Symbols
A network diagram is a map of the nodes and connections in a computer network. Cisco's icons are globally recognized and generally accepted as standard for network topology design. More ...

How to Tell if Someone is Lurking on Your Wireless Network
Have you ever wondered if someone else is on your wireless network, with out your knowledge, watching every site you visit or stealing account information? More ...

Easy Code to Add Google Site Search to Your Website
Some authors will tell you that you need to have an account with Google in order to create a Google Site Search box. This is entirely untrue. This artilce provides the code for Google site search, just paste this code into the desired location on your website. More ...

MPO Connector, MTP Connector, What's the Difference?
MPO stands for Multi-fibre Push On and is a fiber optic connector type. MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec. The MTP design complies with the MPO standard. More ...

Understanding Windows 7 Security Center
Windows Security Center is a security tool that allows you to monitor the status of computer security settings and services. It also constantly monitors security settings, and informs via a pop-up notification if there is something wrong. In Windows 7 Microsoft renamed it as Action Center. More ...

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