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Welcome to Bucaro TecHelp!
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Victims of Sandy Hook

Stop the Slaughter of Innocents. Congress is bought and paid for by gun lunatics and gun promotion groups. If you want to live in a safe America, help buy Congress back for America. Send a donation to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10022

Inflation Calculator
Inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services. Enter an initial amount of money and the current inflation rate into this calculator to learn how much it will be worth after an interval. More ...

Use Search Operators to Spy on Your Competition
Google is the world's most powerful search engine, generating nine out of ten searches overall. If you're not listed at or near the top of Google searches, your company may as well not exist. More ...

Man in the Middle Attack
In a Man in the Middle (MIM) attack the hacker places eavesdropping equipment between the sending device and the receiving device. He intercepts the data, records it and possibly modifies it, then sends it on to the intended receiving device. More ...

The Computer's Chipset
A computers memory and peripheral ports connect through two highly integrated chips called simply the chipset. The chipset consists of a northbridge chip and a southbridge chip. More ...

Make Money Writing Resumes and Curriculum Vitaes (CVs)
If you've got half-decent writing skills you could make an honest profit from offering a much-needed CV writing service. As well as making money you'll have the satisfaction of helping hundreds or even thousands of people to find their perfect job. More ...

Java Script Code to Move Items Between Select Lists
In this article you'll learn how to use Java Script to move items from one select list to a second select list. I'll explain the code in detail so that you'll be able to fully understand and modify it for your own use. More ...

Distance Vector vs. Link State vs. Hybrid Routing
Routers direct traffic between networks or subnetworks to transport a packet to its destination. Distance Vector routing uses the hop count as its routing metric. Link State routing use statistics like distance, link speed, and traffic to calculate the cost of different routes through the Internet. More ...

Firefox Security Options
Every day thousands of sociopaths spend their entire day online trying to hack into other peoples computers. The Firefox browser offers a number of quick and easy ways to increase your online security. More ...

Classless IP Addressing
In the beginning, classful addressing was a great idea for keeping IP addresses organized. But as the Internet grew, and IP addresses became scarce, classful addressing was found to be too limiting. Classless IP addressing, known as Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) was released in September 1993. More ...

nth-child Selector
In order to apply a style to an html element on a webpage, you must first select the element. There are many ways to select an element on a webpage.In this article, I describe the CSS3 nth-child selector. More ...

How to Troubleshoot an HTML Table
The most common problem with tables is the table being unexpectedly stretched way out of proportion. Another common problem with tables is cell contents not being positioned the way you want them to be. More ...

Code for Java Script Cylinder / Cone Volume Calculator
In this article I'll show you how to use to Java Script to create a cylinder / cone volume calculator. I'll explain everything in detail so that you can learn Java Script and modify the code for your own purposes. More ...

Play Music on Your HTML5 Web Page
In this article you learn how to play and control music on your webpage including adding a play list and custom controller. More ...

Where to Get Graphics and Photographs for Your eBook
With the resources and techniques described here, there's no reason you can't add charts, diagrams, illustrations, or photographs to add quality, usability, and value to your information product. More ...

JavaScript to Concatenate Strings
To concatenate means to connect together. In JavaScript there are several ways to concatenate stings of characters. More ...

The Java Script window.open Method
Opening a new window with JavaScript is not difficult. To create and open a new window, use the window.open method. More ...

What is Cloud Computing?
You can't be sure where a specific Internet device is, it's just out there in the cloud of devices that is the Internet. An individual connected to the Internet can use an application that's in the cloud. An organization can place their data in the cloud. More ...

Providing Alternate and Title Text for an Image
The alt and title attributes are both used to display text related to an image. When an image fails to load the text in the alt attribute is displayed. The title attribute is use to display popup text. More ...

Inkscape - How to Use Bitmap Image Fill Pattern
Inkscape is a free Open Source vector graphics illustration application that works similar to Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape lets you fill these objects with flat color, gradients, or bitmap patterns. In this article you learn how to fill an object with a bitmap image. More ...

Online Applications Online Applications

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• Length Units Converter
• Gravity Calculator
• Acreage Calculator
• Mulch Volume Calculator
• Greatest Common Factor Calculator
• Length of Line on a Grid calculator

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Millions of individuals earn a good living from being creative. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, engineers earn on average between $92,500 and $108,000 annually. Freelance writers earn on average $55,420 annually. Artists earn between $18,350 and $79,390 annually. This book will provide you with methods and tools to increase your creativity. Click here to learn more.

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